The experience of dropping the Canuck and then trying to recover from it has been a little tiresome. The damage was clean and I am very thankful for that. I added strip styrene to give the tail section more support. The reattachment needed just a little sanding and I moved on to the wings. The wing roots needed some extra attention after gluing them back on. I did the best I could and commenced sanding all the dirt nibs from the paint. The tip tanks are missing this time around. One was lost in the crash and some of the reference photos showed some without them, so there won’t be any tip tanks on this Canuck. I very carefully put a dowel rod into one of the exhaust cans and resprayed the flat black with success this time. I’m off tomorrow so I hope to get all three builds airbrushed.
While the Frogfoot and Kfir have been sitting idle, the work on the Me-328’s and Ta-183 have been moving along. The seams have been sanded and I added filler along the belly seams on all three kits. There were no gaps to fill, just uneven seams. I sanded those out today and I will get some primer on this afternoon. It’s looking like these three will be ready to go quite soon. They are the perfect little kits for the in-between moments of a build.



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