Messerschmitt Bf-109E Trop

Building the Trop fulfilled a void in the realm of my WWII builds. This was my introduction into the war in North Africa. I have been wanting to get a build like this in for a while but other kits barged their way to the front. I enjoyed this build very much. Constructing it along side the Bf-109G proved to an interesting challenge. When I began the build, I stuck a piece of masking tape with the label of “Trop” on the work board that I was using for this build. Thinking that would be enough to deter me from mixing up the similar parts was very naive of me. The instructions served a far more valuable purpose with the two builds. I was constantly checking to see if I had the right parts and for the most part I did.
My usual blunders aside, this was a fine quality build. Very easy to work with. There were minor gaps along the spine and the wing roots were just about perfect. Overall a great build. The paint scheme vastly stands out compared to all of my other builds on the shelf. I want to spend some more time with this element of WWII in the future. Maybe a B-24 or Typhoon?





16 thoughts on “Messerschmitt Bf-109E Trop

  1. Having just finished my first desert build, a Bf-109e, I appreciate your build and like your comment about how it looked on the shelf. I have a goal to build WWII North Afrika collection. The cool part about this goal is that it contains a number of neat camouflages and some surprising aircraft I can build. For instance, if you take into account Operation Torch you can throw in a number of US Navy aircraft like F-4 Wildcats and even an OS2U Kingfisher. Here is my list of what I want to build;
    Bf 110C/D
    Bf-109E-4/7 Trop << done
    Bf 109 Taifun
    F-4 Wildcat
    SBD Dauntless
    OS2U Kingfisher
    TBF Avenger

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