F-82G Twin Mustang, P-51C Mustang, and Mustang MK.IV

From the beginning of the three builds, I was interested to see how they all looked together. While they certainly differ in design and paint, you can see the resemblances in them as well. The only one that is missing is a gleaming bare metal American P-51. If I wasn’t so lazy, I would have dug my one decent example out. I didn’t feel like risking any damage to any of my other builds to search through the many storage bins to find it. Regardless, I think the three together makes for some fun photos.




7 thoughts on “F-82G Twin Mustang, P-51C Mustang, and Mustang MK.IV

    • Thank you! You are way too generous with your words! To be honest, I never quite liked the F-82 until last month when I saw it in person. It’s funny that you mentioned the twin Bf109. I just came across some pictures of one while doing some research yesterday. I may have to delve a little deeper and see if there is a kit available.

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