Calm Waters Make For Smooth Sailing

Eleven days of vacation down, nine more days to enjoy. This has been a fantastic vacation. I have had a prodigious amount of time to spend at the workbench and the return on my effort is showing. The P-51’s are being finalized and you could classify them as being finished. There are just the last bits of assembly and touch-ups to achieve.

The Saetta has moved right along and has now surpassed the other three builds. Two factors determined the quick status of the Saetta. The obvious one is that there are very few parts to this kit. The second is that the few parts fit very well. The only filler used was a little on the spine and nose. Certainly a pleasurable build. I will finish up the rest of construction today and get it prepped for paint.

The Bf-109’s are performing well also. The minor fuselage gaps have been filled and the wings and horizontal stabilizers were attached yesterday. I haven’t primed them yet, but it looks like I can get by with zero filler on the wing roots. If that’s the case then I can get them prepped for paint with the Saetta.

The IL-2 is lagging behind a little with the first snag of the build. Dry fitting the wings, I noticed a few fit issues. I’m not sure where I went wrong, but the wings are kind of important to the kit so it was time for surgery. I “trimmed” a few problem areas enough to get the wings to fit decently. There is still some work to be done. The horizontal stabilizers and the wheel bays went on great. The wheel bays will need a little filling around the leading edge of the wings. I think by the time I am finished with the other three builds, this one will have caught up and be ready to paint.




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