An Even Better Day to Build a Model

When it’s good, it’s really good. Progress on all six kits has been bountiful. I cannot remember a time where I have gotten so much out of my builds. The P-51C and D received their final colors today and are on a solid path to be finished by the weekend.
The Bf-109’s are right where I hoped they would be. Last night saw the cockpits get finished and fuselage halves put together. I sanded the seams this evening and I will get them ready to prime tonight.
The IL-2 has made some great strides in the past twenty-four hours. The cockpit has been finished as well as the fuselage. There is one minor seam to address before I can move on. I will quickly take care of that later tonight and get some primer on it.
The Saetta is zooming along as well. It has swiftly caught up to the rest of the builds. I was able to finish the cockpit and put the fuselage halves together last night. The seams were sanded and primed this morning to surprisingly reveal very little to correct. There is one tiny seam showing along the spine.
The weekend should be the turning point for all of the builds. Two of them should be completed while the other four should all be relatively close to being ready to paint. That’s the goal at least.




11 thoughts on “An Even Better Day to Build a Model

  1. Great work. I am envious that you have room to work on so many kits at once. I have room for one and I have to move the laptop aside to do that. We’re moving house this year to somewhere bigger. My wife jokes that it is because this is the only way I will ever get to build and display the 1/200 Bismarck (well over a metre long) and other large scale kits in my stash.

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    • We are in the process of moving as well. Not the funnest when you build as many as I do. I shy away from larger kits because of space as well. I have a desk to work at but there isn’t enough room for all at once. I am constantly moving them back and forth. It’s not ideal but it’s working for now.


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