Tornado GR.4

The month-long saga of the Tornado has irrevocably concluded. If I could add sound to this post, you would hear a mollified sigh of relief. It feels great to have it displayed up on the shelf.

Hasegawa threw a curve ball at me with this one. I was kind of expecting a smooth build and instead received a few problems. The air intakes required some plastic surgery that was not welcomed. You can still tell that I had to remove the inner panels and move them outward to make room for the nose section to fit. The seams in the rear of the fuselage gave me a hassle as well. Final assembly flew by until I started on the landing gear. The right rear strut was broken and I didn’t catch it until it was time to install. I clipped the rest of the strut from the sprue tree and re-attached the two pieces. Once the glue dried, I resumed final assembly. Overall, I am happy with the end result.





10 thoughts on “Tornado GR.4

  1. Dude, that looks gorgeous. I was really looking forward to seeing this, and you certainly delivered. I don’t see a sign of the troubles you detailed, so you handled it well. I’m curious; what are those on the outer wing pylons? Is that a TV-guided missile of some kind?


    • Thank you! I am quite pleased that I hid the defects well. Those are ECM pods on the outer pylons. I wasn’t familiar with them either. I am used to the thin and long ECM pods here in the U.S.A. I need to brush up on my foreign ordinance!

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  2. I love seeing your models. I know I would not have the patience to complete them. I remember as a child watching as my father carefully and tenaciously completed models. Great work

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