The Cold Beat Me This Time

Progress is moving along better and worse than expected. I braved the cold and headed out for a 45 minute paint session. It was freezing, to say the least, and I think the cold had some terrible effects on the P-51C. I think my air hose might have slightly frozen causing sporadic stoppages in air flow.
The Tornado finally received its paint job. I applied the decals this morning and plan on doing all the weathering tomorrow. I’m hoping to do final assembly late tomorrow night but more than likely I will get it finished Monday.
Like I mentioned before, the P-51C crashed and burned on the first painting session. As you can see from the picture, the RLM 04 yellow sprayed way to thin. This stems from my low pressure problem. I kept thinning it down so it would spray and this was my gross result. I will warm the garage up with a propane heater tomorrow and attempt it again.
Before I could get to far with the P-51D’s paint, the waist band needed to be painted with RAF Sky. Once that was done, I masked the band off and sprayed the belly of the plane. I masked off the underside tonight and I will add it to the painting docket for tomorrow.
The F-82 is wonderfully far along. The all black skin made for an easy time at the airbrush. The decals were applied yesterday afternoon and sprayed with clear matte this morning. I will get it weathered tonight and sprayed with a coat of clear gloss. Final assembly will begin tomorrow afternoon. For a Monogram kit, this has been quite a pleasure to build. I can’t wait to see it completed.




8 thoughts on “The Cold Beat Me This Time

    • You’ve got that right! The Tornado should be done today. I had to put a broken landing gear strut back together yesterday which pushed the final assembly farther back. I’m hoping for smooth sailing the rest of assembly.


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