Slowly Progressing

So I haven’t been spending as much time as I would like at the workbench. The time that has been spent has been of quality to all three builds.
The Typhoon has been the most pleasant of the three. I filled and sanded a few little gaps and I plan on installing the wings today. The dry fit works well so I don’t foresee any problems with the wings. All the small bits have been finished (ordinance & landing gear) so all the focus is on the airplane itself.
The F-15 debacle has been handled and back on track. The intakes have been a nightmare, but are almost ready to install. There are a few more seams to fill and sand before I can move on. Not major work but it’ll eat up some time. As with the Typhoon, the F-15’s landing gear and ordinance are finished and it’s all about the aircraft. I see this one as being number fifty for the year.
The Tornado is becoming frustrating. The intakes were too wide to fit the nose section of the fuselage so I cut them out. After the nose is installed, I will do some surgery to fit them back in. The seams/gaps have also been an issue. Lots of filler has been applied to rectify the problem. I will have a sanding party today and hopefully move on to affixing the two fuselage halves.
With only sixteen days left in the year, I’m starting to get slightly concerned that I can make the deadline. I’ll feel a lot better if I can get far this weekend.




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