Close Call

The inactivity has run it’s course and I am back at a comfortable pace again. There was a major/slight error on my part that I am all too grateful to escape with just my pride damaged. It seems as though I goofed and thought the F-15’s decals were for the “C” version. Turns out, they are for an “E” version F-15. Big difference. The F-15C is a single place cockpit while the F-15E is a two place. Quite a noticeable difference in my opinion. Thankfully my collection bailed me out. I grabbed my “E” version from Academy and they are virtually the same kit. Besides the cockpit, of course. Crisis averted. I will use what I have already taken from the “C” kit and just replace the parts from the “E” version. With the error corrected, I have most of the fuselage together along with the cockpit installed. I’ve been mainly working on landing gear and ordinance but I will shift over to the main build tomorrow.
The Tornado has begun it’s first fight. The front half of the fuselage is experiencing fitting issues. I’m not so sure how to address it yet. I’ll fiddle around until something works. I’m hoping that I don’t have to perform any major surgery to rectify the problem.
The Typhoon is the easy one so far. No issues to report yet. The cockpit fit perfectly as did the fuselage halves. I’ll get the seams sanded tonight and hopefully move on.




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