And the Winners Are….

The polls are closed and I have already begun prepping the three winners. In the end, it was a three way tie with each getting 18% of the votes. I must say that I am surprised with what you guys chose to see built next. Only one of my picks made it in the top three. This set of builds will be fun with some great kits. I am excited to get moving on them.
So first up is the one that I thought for sure would make it. I am pleased that I was correct. Tamiya’s 1/72 EF-2000 Eurofighter has been in my inventory for about two weeks and I was crossing my fingers that you guys would choose it. The guts look great. It should make for a great build.
Next is Academy’s 1/72 F-15C Eagle. This is another that I hoped would be on the winners list. I have been trying to fit this one in for over a year now. I have some 9-11 memorial nose art decals that I have been itching to put on. This is another good looking kit that I can’t wait to get into.
Last is Hasegawa’s 1/72 Tornado GR.4. I was surprised by this pick. It was the dark horse of the three beating out the Su-22 in the final days. Again, this looks like it will be a fantastic build. I think all three kits were great choices by you guys. The poll was a fun change that I will utilize again sometime.




10 thoughts on “And the Winners Are….

  1. I like the choice. The Euro Fighter, or Typhoon as the RAF calls is is a fabulous aircraft. The sheer performance is something else (Top Gear : Bugatti Veyron vs Euro Fighter – Top G…: ). It’s unstable so always wants to turn. The instability is equivalent to pushing a bicycle backwards at 70mph, the quadruplex computers keep it true. I never actually worked on it but a lot of friends did.

    The Eagle is also an exercise in performance excess for its era. It was what the Euro Fighter is now when it came our and with avionics upgrades it’s still a very formidable aircraft indeed.

    I’m less in love with the GR4. The Tornado never grabbed me though the GR1 was very good at what it was designed for. The F3 never really cut it though, which was why it was held back in home defence n the Gulf War. The GR4 was even better than the GR1 but I still never developed an affinity for it. Not least because it has a ‘BAe Warton Fin’ . AKA a huge blackboard of a thing, just to keep it pointing in the right direction. Contrast it with the BAe Kingston designs (Hawker) on the Hunter, Harrier and Hawk. Tornado, a committee designed aircraft and it shows.


  2. Nice! I love all these planes. My favorite though, is the Eurofighter. That’s a gorgeous looking fighting machine. I’m interested to see how the memorial decals look on the F-15, and the Tornado has a been a fave for a long time. Looking forward to this!


  3. I am in awe of ALL the work you do! I also want to thank you for all your kind ‘likes’ on my blog. I hope that my still lifes continue to bring you smiles.
    We both work in miniatures, don’t we? 🙂
    Best, Maggie


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