Pushing Through

Activities at the workbench are looking bright. With a lot of time and effort, I was able to make some strong gains in my progress. At least with two builds. The Bearcat is still waiting for paint. I will try to get to it in the morning.
The Ju-88 has made it out of the filler stage nicely. I was able to get the wings and horizontal stabilizers attached. As I expected, there were gaps at the wing roots. I addressed those and I’ll put a coat of primer on tonight. The next problem arose when installing the clear parts. The canopy had a severe fitting issue. There was a major gap behind the canopy that I really cannot believe that it was intended to fit like that. I sanded the canopy down as much as I could and filled the rest with glue. After the glue dries, I will add some filler wherever needed to finish the gaps off. The nose canopy had a terrible fit as well. I was able to make it fit with some strategic sanding. I’m hoping the “issues” are over with since all major construction is completed. I won’t let my guard down with this one.
The Mohawk is coming along nicely. The spine and the belly have passed inspection and I moved on to the wings. The wing roots had some good gaps that I wasn’t expecting but I filled them nonetheless. The horizontal and vertical stabilizers went on well with no issues to correct. I will get some primer on tonight and go from there. I’m hoping to start painting soon.



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