I Can See the Finish Line From Here

With only five more builds left to go, it’s time to start thinking of a big finish. The next three are going to be fun to get built and I’m glad to fit them into the fifty milestone.
So first on the workbench is from Revell. After the Fw-190 and Me-262, I wanted to try my hand at a bigger aircraft from the German inventory. What better airplane than the Ju-88? I will be building the A-4 platform for this build. The guts have been started and I am close to the cockpit being complete. There is a fair amount of flashing but I haven’t run into any issues aside from that.
Next is also from Revell. I am going with their F8F-1 Bearcat. This won’t be a war weary Bearcat, though. I am trying to round out my skills and actually build a “clean” aircraft. I bought a set of Print Scale decals to build the all yellow “Beetle Bomb” from the Blue Angels. The guns have already been removed and next is the ordinance stores. The cockpit is almost finished. It’ll be smooth sailing after that. I built this kit about three years ago and all went well. With the simplistic options on this build, it should be the first to get done.
Last but not least is Hasegawa’s OV-1B Mohawk. This is truly an odd looking aircraft but I am excited to get going on it. The cockpit is dismal at best so it’ll be a closed casket build. The rest looks pretty good with normal Hasegawa quality. I have barely started with the parts being clipped and prepped for paint. I haven’t decided on a scheme yet so I will need to get some more research going soon. All in all, this will be a good addition.




10 thoughts on “I Can See the Finish Line From Here

  1. A suggestion…

    Give us five model kits you have stashed away from which to vote for… the 50th one.

    Use the pool widget.

    That should be fun.

    The most votes gets to be number 50.


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