Rough Week

As with anybody who enjoys a good hobby, life happens. I just finished up a week of 72 hours at work. With that schedule, there isn’t too much left over for family time with even less for free time. This is my second of four very welcomed days off. Yesterday was spent kind of related to my hobby. My kids were on fall break so we headed north to the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, MI. It’s the perfect selfish destination for aviation enthusiasts. Not only do they have planes and plane related items to peruse, they have carnival rides for the kids! The perfect disguise for a day getaway. I needed reference photographs of the XP-55 Ascender and Kalamazoo has the only surviving example. Great deal all around. We had a wonderful time. After virtually being absent from my wife and kids lives for the past month, it was fantastic to reconnect. And see some planes at the same time.
The road to completion has slowly taken form for all three builds. At my last post, they were ready for paint. I am thrilled to report that all three are painted and two of them are ready for weathering.
The Hurricane and the Me-262 are ready to be weathered tonight. I put a coat of flat clear on this morning and I will let that dry throughout the day. As for the Fw-190, I airbrushed the last color on this morning. This one took a little longer due to a more complex paint scheme. By complex, I mean more colors. The tail rudder and the bottom of the engine cowl are RLM Yellow so that had to be airbrushed before anything else. The rest was a mix of mottling and masking three different colors. I will do a little touching up after I remove the masks but for the most part the painting is complete. With two more days off, these three will be finished by Friday.




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