Just About Ready

I am still keeping to my schedule and meeting my daily goals. This is the part where it will test my motivation. It always seems that when it comes time to paint, I procrastinate a few days before I actually do it. I am standing at the threshold of that very stage. Sanding and priming is essentially complete except for a few small areas. The Hurricane looks great and ready to move on. The underside will be the first to get painted. I will tackle that ask in the morning. The Me-262 had a few minor gaps that I missed during my initial filling party. I corrected the issue and the plan is to get the underside painted tomorrow. The Fw-190 needs some filler behind the cockpit which I will address tomorrow. I don’t need to get too exact as the canopy will be covering the area. Better safe than sorry. Ideally, I will get the belly painted tomorrow with the others.
All is going well and I don’t foresee any alteration from my course. The way these three are performing, I should expect them to be completed soon. It’s nice to have builds go together so well.




6 thoughts on “Just About Ready

  1. Even with wargamer figures, I find prepping and undercoating is easy to start and do but then I seem to spend some time before the first colour goes on. When it does, the rest flow easily but there is always that procrastination with the first colour. Maybe it’s reaching that point of no return.


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