Out of the Clouds

Despite the extra hours at work, I am happily finding time to work on my builds. Not a whole lot, but just enough to make some progress. The success story of the day is the painting of the Ventura and Buffalo. I slotted some time and was able to get both a step closer to being complete. I will put a coat of Future on both kits in the morning and maybe start the decals in the evening.
I spent a total of five minutes applying the decals on the MiG-25. Ten decals in all. A little disappointing, that’s for sure. Regardless, it is coming along nicely. I will spray a coat of clear matte on in the morning and hopefully get it weathered in the evening. I can realistically see this one being finished Saturday.




2 thoughts on “Out of the Clouds

  1. I haven’t build a model plane (hope “model plane ” isn’t offensive) for over 40 years but I still get a little buzz from viewing your site. I do wonder though why you feel the need to approach the pleasure of building as though it’s a task with a time budget and then, in addition, to photograph your works and write a diary/review as well. I really don’t know how you do it. Maybe I’m a lazy dreamer. 🙂


    • Not offensive at all. I don’t mean to make them seem like tasks. I enjoy building very much. I’m on a personal goal of 50 builds in a year. I get frustrated with the time away, not the time spent with them. Every build brings new dreams as well as headaches. Sorry if I came off as not enjoying building. You should come back to the hobby! Thanks for stopping by.


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