Surprise, Surprise

Firing my airbrush up this morning didn’t exactly go as planned. The mission was scrubbed entirely and I accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to get my builds painted any time soon. I went to bed not expecting not to be able to finish them for another week. That release of pressure is just what I needed. I woke up early at noon and surprisingly felt like moving. In order to not lose my motivation, I quickly gathered all my supplies to get these builds painted.
I started with the MiG-25. It is as basic of a paint job as they come. I used Fulcrum Gray for the overall color. I even made time to work on the ordinance. I will put a coat of Future Floor Polish on tomorrow morning and get the decals on soon after.
The Ventura was next with the upper surfaces getting a coat of Dark Sea Blue. I still have the third color to get sprayed on eventually but I can work on masking the wings and upper surfaces off in the meantime.
The Buffalo sat idle today. I was going to paint the final color this afternoon, but it will be the same color as the remaining color for the Ventura build. Instead of spraying the Intermediate Blue in two different sessions, I will spray both kits in unison.
Today was a great surprise. I went to bed thinking of when I would finally get these kits painted and woke up with the answer. I can’t stop now.



12 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise

  1. The MiG 25 was an interesting plane…capable of Mach 2.5 or Mach 3. The technology was not particularly advanced, and it was not very maneuverable, but it was very fast.


  2. Please tell me more about the use of Future Floor Polish…

    I will put a coat of Future Floor Polish on tomorrow morning and get the decals on soon after.


    • Future is a nearly ideal gloss finish. It’s really acrylic (not wax!), it has good self leveling properties, it’s immue to almost any other solvent you put over it, it’s a perfect consistency for air brushing, it’s non-toxic, and it can be cleaned up with Windex.

      I have a suspicion it can cure cancer and Ebola too…

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      • I also use it to dunk all clear parts before installation. It can fix a number of imperfections from scratches to fogginess. Apparently it also provides some protection for clear parts from fogging due to paint or glue fumes.
        You probably could brush it, as I said above, it has good self leveling properties, so it probably wouldn’t leave many brush strokes. But it is aggressive and dries hard, so I’m thinking it would probably ruin a brush every time.


  3. Good to see you found the time to get a little done! I often figure work days are hopeless, but it’s amazing how thereputic it can be!


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