Taking Shape

The rhythm has been set on the PV-1, MiG-25, and F2. All three kits are performing well so far with zero hiccups to interfere with progression. Granted, I am still in the adolescent stages of the builds but my opinion is that this is the most crucial of them all.
I will start with the PV-1. Construction is flowing well with the cockpit finished, interior windows installed, wings assembled, and the fuselage halves joined together. There will be more than normal amounts of filling with this kit. The engine cowlings had a terrible fit when I adhered the wing halves. It’s not major, but it is significant. I will get the fuselage sanded down tonight and apply filler where it is needed.
The MiG-25 is moving right along as well. The cockpit is finished and installed. I was also able to join the fuselage halves and get the wings completed. The seams look decent on this one. I think I can get by with just a little bit of sanding tonight.
The F2 is sitting just like its build mates. The cockpit is finished and the fuselage is together awaiting sanding. This is such a small aircraft that it shouldn’t take too long to pull away from the other two. I have also been able to complete the landing gear and wings for this build. I have not made my decision on a paint scheme yet. That will need to be decided very soon. There have been a few suggestions out there but I am still undecided. At least it’s building up well. The clock is ticking.




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