Facing Adversity

The feeling of discouragement has welcomed the F-14. The snowball effect has begun and I am hoping that it doesn’t continue to roll. It started with my ill choice to paint the kit with a rattle can and not my airbrush. The runs in the paint were fixed and touched up. The decals were the next problem. They were quite brittle and not the best at conforming to panel lines and curves. The delicateness didn’t stop during the application. They are even more delicate once they are dry. It’s a good thing that I won’t be weathering this kit. The most recent disaster is the canopy fogging on me. I sprayed the plane with clear gloss along with the canopy, resulting in the canopy fogging. I have done this before with no issues. It actually leaves a nice and shiny canopy. Not this time. When it rains, it pours I guess. I’ll put the rest of the build together and cross my fingers.
The Bf110 is performing fantastically. I sprayed the upper half of the airplane yesterday with no issues. The decals were fragile, but went on well. I sprayed it with a dull coat this morning and I will weather it later tonight.
The P-47 is painted and the decals have been applied. So far so good. I sprayed it with dull coat this morning and I will weather it with the Bf110.




7 thoughts on “Facing Adversity

  1. “Hairless Joe” is building up nice, very well done paint job and invasion stripes.

    Have you tried soaking the Tomcat’s canopy in Future? That stuff works wonders. If that won’t fix it nothing will!
    Micro Scale used to make a product; “Decal Film” or something like that, that is a clear finish you can spray over old decals. I’m not sure if it’s still available. The only other thing I could think is to find a new sheet at Squadron or Sprue Brothers.


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