These past three days have been somewhat disappointing. I am at the tail end of my twelve hour shifts at work and I have the next five days off to make up for the drop in progress. While I haven’t maintained my pace from last week, I have managed to get a few things done on the F-14 and P-47. I even started two of my next three builds. The little things are all I have been able to muster up the energy for. Added up though, you’ll get a whole plane eventually.
The Bf 110 has been sitting, waiting to be painted. I will get the airbrush going tomorrow and finally start finishing this one.
The F-14 is almost ready to move on to final paint. There are a few seams behind the wings that need sanded. This shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to fix. I have all the miscellaneous parts ready to go. There is still some work left to be done on the canopy. The kit came with photo-etched parts and I will be tempting disaster using them on the canopy. I am quite apprehensive about this as I do not have much luck with photo-etch. Maybe I will finally learn how to successfully conquer them with this build. The photo-etch in the cockpit went well so maybe these will too.
The P-47 has been the most productive, if you would even call it that, the past three days. I have mainly been doing all the pre-painting before the main colors. The invasion stripes are finished and the belly was sprayed with silver. I masked the underside last night and sprayed the tail with yellow. I will mask the tail off tonight and get the first of two colors on the top of the airplane painted tomorrow. I am hoping for an end of the week finish on this one.




4 thoughts on “Stalling

  1. Hello. I don’t know much about scaled aircraft. I did once work on Phantoms and Buccaneers years ago and it did leave me with a general interest in planes. Just wanted to say that of all the wordpress blogs I have looked at yours has given me the most pleasure. Thanks.


  2. Thanks for liking my post – and thanks to that, what a fascinating blog I’ve stumbled upon! I’m as far away from model aircrafts as you could imagine, but your posts and its pictures look intriguing and fantastic. Following you, to keep up with your progress! Good luck.


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