The MiG-15 is completed and up on the shelf. Airfix did well with this kit. I haven’t completely changed my mind on them, but this build may have helped a little.
Overall, this was a great build. There were no issues that required more than a minor fix. I would have liked to see an open canopy and more decals, but I can’t have it all. I went against the grain and steered away from the typical bare metal MiG-15. I chose to build one from the People’s Republic of Korea Air Force. The camouflage scheme has always appealed to me. This was a great follow up from the nightmare builds last month.





12 thoughts on “MiG-15

  1. Nice build, and beautiful camouflage!

    I think the verdict on Airfix seems to be that they had serious quality control problems for 20 years. But just in the last five years or so, they’ve found a new direction and are really making an effort to put out a quality product.


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