If Three is a Crowd, What Does Four Make?

The decals are on the Intruder and I gave it a good coat of clear matte. While I am in the dormant stages of the final building, I am working on my new builds. I previously started the Tempest and Warhawk on my camping trip. They are getting pretty far along with both kits getting their wings on last night. They have been great builds so far. It’s nice to burn up my down time from other builds on kits like these.
The third kit in this set is Hasegawa’s 1/72 F-14D “Vandy 1”. Who doesn’t like the black Tomcat? It looks great and I am excited to get deep into this one. Open the box and you will find a quality kit. Included with the model are photo etched parts. I don’t tend to do well with them but I am going to give it a try. The only thing I have done to this kit was open the box up and inspect it. I have quite a ways to go.
I have decided to step up my building quota and add a fourth. I could’t decide between the F-14 and Airfix’s MiG-15. To solve the dilemma, I figured why not build both? So the MiG-15 is my fourth build. I know that I am anti-Airfix but I have built this kit before and I don’t recall it being bad. The cockpit parts are painted and are just waiting to be assembled. My hope is to get that done this evening.



11 thoughts on “If Three is a Crowd, What Does Four Make?

  1. You are a building beast, my friend!
    While armor is my personal building flavor, watching you builds has inspired me to break out my kits and organize my tools.


  2. Interesting that you use a range of products, I have always generally stuck with Airfix, primarily because that’s all that was available as a youngster. I wonder if your readers, or you, have any preferences? An interesting debate perhaps?


    • My favorite to build is Academy. Airfix is one of my least favorites to build. I just can’t seem to catch a break when I build them. I like Hasegawa but they are pricey kits. Academy has a good price point with great quality and detail. I’m a fan of Fujimi and Italeri as well. Every company will have it’s duds. When it comes down to it, I will build from any company that offers the aircraft that I want. My inventory is very blended.


      • In my early days I found that many of the non Airfix brands were poor quality, but when Hornby closed and reopened they too went the way of poor quality kits. Others do seen to have improved and like you say the Hasegawa are good but pricy. Perhaps a payoff. Haven’t tried Academy, not even sure if they are available here. One to look for.


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