Flight of the Intruder….Almost

I couldn’t build an Intruder without referencing the great 80’s film “Flight of the Intruder”. I actually watched this movie to get some references on this build. There are great cockpit shots that give you a look at all the bits and pieces inside.
Well, I finally painted the A-6 yesterday afternoon. I sprayed it late last night with clear gloss and now it is all ready for the decals. I chose to ditch the stock decals and go with a set of Starfighter Decals. I am new to this company so we will see how they go. They sure look good on the sheet.
Everything else to this build is finished up except for the canopy. It was all done until I started to dry-fit it. It was almost like it was from a different kit or something. Being this far in, I didn’t want to get too invasive to fix the issue. Instead of risking any damage to the fuselage, I sawed the canopy in half to make it in the open position. The wind screen will need some more work once I get it on the airplane, but it will be a lot less than if I hadn’t have made the cut.
This has been another dragged out build. Thankfully, the end is very near. I am off for the next three days so I see no reason I can’t get done by tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Flight of the Intruder….Almost

  1. My son, who’s about your age, loved your blog.
    He told me because he is one of my followers.
    Knowing my son, this is quite a compliment.


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