Decals, Decals

The simple progress of painting these builds has sparked a new motivation in me. I feel like building is comfortable again in my new surroundings. Originally, I was going to wait until today to apply the decals on the F-11 and YA-10. I figured that I have wasted enough time and that I needed to get it done before I lost any steam. Both kits were able to get their decals on. The F-11 went smoothly with no issues. The YA-10 also had zero issues. My home made decals worked great. The only downside is that you have to cut them out precisely. They are all one big decal until you cut them out. Trimming the excess film took some time and delicate patience. The stars and bars weren’t up to par so I grabbed some from my spares. Overall, I am pleased with the turnout of both kits so far.
The A-6 will hopefully get painted today. With the other two kits almost complete, this one should finish up quickly.



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