Keep Moving Forward

It may look like I am using the same photos for each post, but I am really not. I am in fact making slow gains and if I play the odds long enough, logic says that I will win. I am actually in a great position heading into my off days to get the three builds moving at a faster rate of speed.
There isn’t much to report on the Tiger. I am still grinding away at the nose. I sanded it down, then added what I hope is the last bit of filler. My fingers are crossed. The rest of the kit is ready to go. All ordinance, landing gear, and miscellaneous parts are ready for installation. Once the nose is complete, the Tiger will be a quick finish.
The Intruder is ready to have its cockpit assembled and detailed. I finished the bombs yesterday along with the landing gear. I also masked the canopy off and will fuse it together soon. I need to run out and get some strip styrene to add some strength to the underside of the seam. There is still quite a bit of work with this kit. Nothing too major, just the usual stuff.
The A-10 has created a decent flow to it. I wouldn’t say that it is a complex kit, but for all you old-timers that grew up building Matchbox kits……my hat goes off to you. I am thirty-four years old and I have no clue where I fall in the timeline of this hobby. I grew up with the Revell kits of the late eighties and early nineties. It’s hard to find the right term to describe this particular build. Modestly challenging? I am not used to the way it’s put together, and that isn’t a bad thing. I am enjoying working on this one. Anyway, the A-10 is ready for the cockpit to be assembled and detailed. This will be a closed cockpit build so I won’t get carried away. The wings and engine nacelles are finished and ready to be affixed. Once the cockpit is installed the rest should be pretty easy.




4 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward

  1. I’m not familiar with that A-10, but there are definitely some kits that just have an odd flow about them. Like anything by Accurate Miniatures. That isn’t bad at all! It may be an excellent kit, that just keeps you on your toes.


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