Back in the Fray

Now that the move is behind me, it’s time for life to become normal again. I am slowly working towards completing the Blackbird. I am thoroughly disappointed in the lack of progress with so little remaining. The decals were applied two nights ago and I was able to get the weathering completed the next day. Final assembly is almost complete with only the canopies left to affix. I don’t foresee that taking more than a few minutes to accomplish and then I will be finished. Tonight should see the first flight of this Blackbird.
The Tiger remains neglected. I hope to attack the nose tonight or tomorrow. I have the next four days off to contemplate my strategies for recovery. I don’t think it will be as bad as I’m leading it on to be. At least that’s what I am hoping for. The wings might make it on tonight as well. They look pretty straight forward with no visible complications.
Also on tonight’s agenda is selecting two more kits. I have a few in mind that I have been wanting to get to. I may do some A-10 builds. The YF-23, MiG-15, and B-1 are also pulling at me to get built. Maybe a P-47 or a Tornado? Any suggestions?


13 thoughts on “Back in the Fray

  1. in all reality – out of all the birds i’d love to get seat time in well, this blackbird is one that would be the kewlest of kewl rydes 🙂 ,,, ah,bet maybe next lifetime 🙂 Q


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