I’m Not Playing Horseshoes or Hand Grenades Here

As close as I have come to finishing one final build at my home, I am left a little disappointed to not be able to complete the SR-71. I did get one last session at the airbrush, getting the final paint job done. Moving started at 7:30am and finally ended at 5:30pm. Moving couches and armoires doesn’t leave much energy to finish a kit so I bowed out and brought the Blackbird and Tiger to my new residence. It was a good run and I thought for sure I would finish. With unpacking and settllng in, I don’t expect too many gains in the next couple days. Life and responsibility win again.


13 thoughts on “I’m Not Playing Horseshoes or Hand Grenades Here

  1. As a footnote…

    I have a 1:48 scale SR-71 from Testors.
    Large airplane.
    A few repairs to the wheels.
    I builded it in the 1980s.


  2. Life has a habit of intervening, but it also moves at least. SR-71 is looking terrific so far. What a spooky-lookin’ bird. It looks more like a spaceship than a 1950’s design. Kelly Johnson pulled off a miracle.


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