Final Days at Home

The last time I moved was in 2006. I was five years away from re-starting this addictive hobby. We moved from a tiny one bedroom apartment to a 1,200 square foot home. My wife was pregnant with my daughter at the time so I did the bulk of the moving. Not so bad. Eight years later and yikes! We have amassed so much stuff. There has been a constant flow of packing, trashing, and transporting the past few days. The fire is under control and there isn’t much left to do. With two days left here, just the major stuff remains. More importantly, all models have made the transition safely. Not one broken piece!
In all the mayhem, building still resumes. The SR-71 needs some minor sanding on the engine nacelles where they required some filler. Other than that, I will mask the canopy off and get it painted tonight or tomorrow. This has been a straight forward build. The bigger fuselage threw me off a little while I was putting the halves together. I wouldn’t necessarily consider this one to be a “huge” plane. Compared to what I have been building lately, it’s more of a challenge.
The F-11 has hit it’s first speed bump. The nose has been cut off where the instructions advised me to. The instructions were either incorrect or the resin nose is too slim. I will need to figure out a solution before I proceed. I think I will affix the nose a little farther out and fill the gap so I have a little more room to taper when I inevitably have to sand. Bummer….yes. Challenge accepted. The rest of the kit looks pretty good. I sanded the seams on the fuselage and I will get them primed tonight. I think I can officially count this one out for a weekend finish.



4 thoughts on “Final Days at Home

  1. One of my favourite planes, I think they grow substantially in flight. My USAF friend said the fuel tanks can leak on the ground as the airframe is configured more for altitude than loping about at ground level.


  2. Good luck with the move – I’ve just had to send wargame figures through a freight consolidator from Singapore to the Philippines. I packed a few extra tubes of super glue in my luggage for the inevitable repairs when they arrive – as well as cornering the bubble wrap market in Singapore last week.

    How to you pack the models for a move?


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