Right On Track

My one week goal is still on track for the Blackbird. I might even get the F-11 done by then as well. The Blackbird cockpit and landing gear have been finished and now it’s time to focus on the huge fuselage halves. I didn’t add the detail like I originally wanted to. The fit of the fuselage worries me enough not to add any more for now. I may do some touching up when the two halves come together. At least I will know what room I have to work with then. I did add ejection handles to the seats for a little more detail.
The Tiger is surprising me with its ease so far. It’s cockpit is finished and ready to be installed. I’ll get the fuselage halves together today and maybe get the nose cut off tonight. The resin nose looks pretty easy to put on. It will be a straight cut down from the edge of the wind screen.the way it’s looking, I might get this one done by the end of the week.



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