The SR-71 is underway and I am taking my time with it. With the all flat black skin making for a challenge in the weathering department, I have chosen some areas to add some extra detail to. One area are the exhaust cans. I sprayed the insides with flat white yesterday and used my pastels to detail them. I used shades of brown and black to dirty them up. The cockpit and landing gear are some other areas that i will exploit for more detail. My goal for today is to address those two areas. Everything has been painted and is ready for assembly and detailing.
I haven’t focused too much on the Tiger yet. I clipped the parts from the sprues and did a little painting. I’ll put the cockpit together today and go from there. I’ll also try to get the external fuel tanks sanded and primed. I’m not going to get into a huge rush for progress on this one. Any progress at all will be a bonus.



6 thoughts on “Details

  1. Yes, the photograph of your workbench works well. We’re not into modelcraft much here. We have a kit to build an X-1, but it hasn’t been taken out of the box. Also a DC-3 is somewhere around here, very possibly, again unassembled. But these are nothing like your bigtime work, and sites about hobbies are among the tops in genuine interest. Speaking of which, we thank you for your recent interest in “L.A. Alley by Jose Hazy.” There are twenty more images due from Jose during 2014, we hope you like these also.


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