P-39Q Airacobra

With the Banshee successfully painted and decals having been applied, I was free to finish the P-39Q. This build started off a little gloomy with the gaps, but quickly changed for the better. I had a great time with this kit.
In the beginning of the build, I didn’t think to put any nose weights in. I figured that I was building a WWII aircraft and MOST WWII aircraft are tail sitters. I completely neglected the fact that the P-39 has a nose wheel. I knew that it had one, but didn’t think once about adding any weight. Fast forward to final assembly and there I sat scratching my head. As luck would have it, I had not installed the propeller yet. Carefully, I carved out the hole that the propeller and spinner would insert onto and I stuffed as many lead weights as it would hold. Success! It really irritates me when I forget the weight and have to attach a make shift stand for the tail to sit on. I dodged a massive bullet on this kit. Other than that blunder, construction went like a normal build. I am pleased with my finished Airacobra.





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