Ordinary Is Ok With Me

I knew it was too good to be true to have three perfect builds. Two of them need the usual attention, so it’s not an out of the ordinary nightmare build.
The Corsair has been the golden child build of the three. I sanded the seams and primed it yesterday. That was the extent of the effort needed. I’ll get the wings attached tonight and fill any gaps if need be.
The Banshee hasn’t been terrible. A few minor gaps left over from sanding and priming, but nothing serious. I also put the wings together last night. They have some issues to address now as well as later. I can foresee fitting issues. Once again, nothing too bad.
As for the Airacobra, it’s the worst of the three. The cockpit fit too wide which caused some gaps. I’m sure this was my error. I don’t think it will be too bad to fix. I’ll sand it down tonight and add another layer of filler.


6 thoughts on “Ordinary Is Ok With Me

  1. It really does require a lot of skill to build these. A skilled builder can make them look perfect, but an onlooker may never know the amount of tears and blood (literally) that went into that perfect looking model. I’ve still got a tee-shirt from many past assemblies.


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