Mirage F.1C

To pass my mark of twenty-five builds in a year, here is number twenty-six for this year. The Mirage turned out to be a fantastic build. I thought I was going to be in for a tough one in the beginning stages, but all leveled out. In retrospect, I think it was my fault with the fitting of the fuselage. When I put the nose weights in, I think I may have put too thick of a layer in the nose causing the fuselage to have a gap in the nose. Another lesson learned. At least I remembered them. I would rather deal with a gap than have a finished model sit on its tail.
Aside from the self-induced gaps, construction went great. Hasegawa did a wonderful job. I would say it is on the lower end of their spectrum but still a fine kit. Good fitting parts led to almost zero filler. I would have liked to see more of a vast ordinance selection but I guess that’s why Hasegawa makes their own weapon’s sets separately.
Painting was a multi-step process with the Tiger Meet scheme. I unfortunately used some bad paint which caused some inconsistency in the top color. Thankfully, I got away without having to repaint the whole plane. The decals were good on this build. I was relieved that it wasn’t a hat trick of bad decals. Overall a great kit.





9 thoughts on “Mirage F.1C

  1. Looks great. You can tell people that you’re just modeling scale bad paint. I’m sure paint goes bad in the field from time to time!

    Where do you find room to store the 50 kits you’ve finished in the last two years?


    • That’s a perfect excuse! Right now, the majority are in containers at my parents house while we move. The rest will follow suit as soon as I pack them up. I’m going to need a lot of shelf space at my next house.


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