F-84E Thunderjet

The second of my three builds is complete. The Thunderjet is another great kit from Academy. The construction was smooth with great fitting parts as well as nice details. As with the Scorpion, the decals for the Thunderjet performed at a subpar level. Luckily, they didn’t have the silvering issue like the F-89. They were very delicate and they wanted to flake off while I blotted the excess water away. Maybe I’m doing something wrong here!
The rest of the build went great. I chose not to weather this one up a lot. I wanted to leave a little bit of a shine from the bare metal. I mixed pencil and pastels to give it a good balance.
If my figures are correct, this was my twenty-fifth build this year. Last year saw me build twenty-five the whole year. I am pleasantly on my way to destroy that mark.




22 thoughts on “F-84E Thunderjet

  1. OMG, your blog is a treasure. My boy friend is crazy about army stuffs especially planes. He can make model from molded plastic of guns and tanks. I must show him what you’va shared ❤


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