F-89J Scorpion

The F-89 has received it’s final touches and it is finished. I am a little disappointed with the end result. The kit itself was great, the decals put a damper on the whole build. They were very hard to work with and the killer silvering made it worse. I performed my normal routine of putting a gloss coat on before I applied the decals, but to no avail. Lesson learned. I’ll look for a set of aftermarket markings the next time I build this kit. Regardless, I am still happy to have it completed and on display.
It really was a great build. All typical traits of an Academy kit. With wonderful fitting, fine detailed parts, it was an all around quality kit. I was a little concerned about the amount of weight that I put in the nose cone. The concern was that I wouldn’t have enough weight to prevent it from sitting on it’s tail. It’s always a relief when I get the landing gear installed and give it a successful sit test.





17 thoughts on “F-89J Scorpion

  1. I used pencils, pastels, drybrushing… So I was using that technique.
    Brings back good old memories.
    Used to dirty up my model kits.
    You can see some of them on My Forgotten Hobby which is still forgotten.
    You should see my workbench just waiting for someone to stop procrastinating.


  2. Just too cool. For years there was the disintegrating carcass of an old F-89 out by the ARFF station here at El Paso International Airport. It was used to practice poking holes into it with their fuselage water injector. Alas the remains were finally hauled off for scrap sometime in the last several months. I was sorry to see on my last airfield briefing tour that it had been removed.

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