All Is Well At My Workbench

I enjoy the posts when I can write how well the builds are going. This is certainly going to be one of those posts. I’m quite pleased with this trio.
The F-84 has been ready for paint for a few days now. I sprayed the anti-glare panel Olive Drab this morning and I hope to have the rest painted tomorrow.
The F-89 is in a close second with only a few minor spots to sand down. This build will be ready for final paint shortly. Pulling up the rear is the Mirage. This one scared me at first. With the big gaps, I thought I was in for another “project” build. It must have been my fault or a fluke because the rest has gone great. I have some more sanding and priming to do but that doesn’t look too time consuming. I still haven’t decided on a paint scheme for this one. Any suggestions? I need to do some research to find the right one.
It’s great to have three kits that seem to be working with me. I hope it stays that way.


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