Vacation Over

Vacation is over and it’s back to the grind. I wasn’t able to get much done while I was in Michigan. That’s ok because I was able to make some progress last night and tonight.
Last night, I primed the F-89 and F-84. I was also able to put the fuselage together on the Mirage. I put some filler on it as well. There were some pretty good sized gaps to address.
Tonight, I sanded the Mirage down and I will prime it tomorrow. The F-84 looks good. I added the wings and they fit great. I added a little more filler to some trouble spots on the F-89. I also attached the wings which needed some filler as well. It’s not bad overall. A quick sand and I can move on.


6 thoughts on “Vacation Over

  1. Thanks for liking my “dropplet” post 😉
    While looking trough your blog I couldn’t help but wonder…How many modelplanes do you have?


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