F-16I Sufa

To wrap up the trio of builds, I have finally and happily finished Hasegawa’s F-16I. As you can see in the photographs, the F-16I variant looks like a regular F-16 on steroids. It’s a much beefier looking aircraft, yet still retains the overall appearance that makes the F-16 an attractive jet.
I am always a fan of building airplanes from countries other than the USA. Doing this allows me to learn the different colors, as well as weaponry used by other countries. The F-16I is used by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and I was happy to get my hands on an IDF weapons set from Skunk Models. It was a steep price to pay ($24.99 from Sprue Brothers), but it adds much needed accuracy. The stock weapons would have fallen short.
The overall build was good with a few disappointments along the way. I expected more from a detail standpoint as well as good fitting pieces. Most of the parts fit well, but some of the most important parts did not. It wasn’t major surgery like the Skyhawk, but there were some unwanted challenges. Aside from those facts, it was a typical Hasegawa kit. The decals were a highlight to the kit. Very easy to handle while reacting well to decal set.
Compared to the Academy kit, it lacks greatly. Standing by itself, it’s a pretty decent kit. I guess my expectations were too high from the start. Having said that, I am very pleased with how it turned out. I guess that is the most important thing.





4 thoughts on “F-16I Sufa

  1. My husband would like to park something like this on our trailer pad at the cabin. Well the real thing anyway or a sherman tank. Is this just a guy thing? 😀


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