Ready to Move On

I am far beyond ready to put this set of builds behind me. Frustration has been the victor far too many times in the last twenty days. Thankfully, I am almost complete and my endless complaining will soon cease. At least until my next build(s).
Progress has been plentiful as of late. The Skyhawk is the closest to being finished. The decals have been applied and it sits waiting for the weathering. A few more hours and this one will be done.
The Academy F-16 is not too far behind. Painting is complete and I was able to get the decals on this morning. I’ll shoot it with some clear matte tonight and hopefully weather it tomorrow.
Hasegawa’s F-16 is acting as tail end Charlie for this group. It’s actually not that far behind. It has two of its four colors applied. I airbrushed Model Masters Sand yesterday and I noticed that my airbrush needed some attention. I pulled the needle out to find it gunked up with remnants of past builds. I dropped it in a jar of thinner to soak overnight. I’ll try to finish cleaning it tonight and maybe get back to painting. If not, tomorrow should see the F-16I’s paint job completed. It feels great to be this far after the way things have gone this past month. Hopefully my next post will feature some results.


4 thoughts on “Ready to Move On

  1. Doing these models becomes a challenge within yourself, doesn’t it? I do that to myself all the time to bolster my persistence on a project.


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