The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Getting back to my normal workbench pace has become a favorable work in progress. While I’m not as far as I usually would be, I am making positive strides towards the ultimate goal of completion.
The Academy F-16 has not received too much attention. I assembled the air intake two nights ago and it awaits sanding before I attach it to the fuselage.
The Hasegawa F-16 sits with its first coat of primer on it. The nose needed some careful filling and sanding. It will require a bit more sanding before I can move on to attaching the wings.
The Skyhawk has been a disaster. Horrible fitting parts led to severe gaps that led to a lot of filling and sanding. I’m not too sure if it was the nose section that was the issue, but that’s where most of the issues reside. The ill fit of the nose section caused a bad fit of the avionics hump. It was quite the domino effect. Luckily, I have Tamiya filler. It isn’t a miracle filler, but things look better after I used it. I should squeak by with another round of filling and sanding.


6 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

  1. Those tough ones test the skill of the modeler most. I suspect after paint, we won’t be able to tell even though you know were every frustrating part resides. Awesome work!


  2. Even if I don’t comment on each post I enjoy reading what you have to go through sometimes and how you solve problems.
    Well I guess I just commented.

    I don’t comment to get more readers on my blogs unless some people get curious.


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