Staying the Course

The past couple of days have collectively shown some promise. I figured out quickly that this wasn’t going to be the most ideal situation. What took me the longest was exploring a routine that works. The answer is to just build a little at a time. I have learned to be accepting of any progress made.
The progress, so far, has been pleasing. The Academy F-16 has been the golden child of the three. The quality of the build is fantastic. The cockpit is finished and the fuselage halves were put together tonight. The Hasegawa F-16 is at a little farther stage as I was able to get the vertical stabilizer adhered along with the cockpit and fuselage halves. The differences between the two are already showing. I’m a little disappointed with the Hasegawa kit. With a $45.00 price tag, I expected a lot more out of their F-16I. Add in the Skunk Models IDF weapons set and I’m at $70.00, not including supplies. A little pricey for an okay kit.
The Skyhawk is bringing up the rear. I’m actually doing well with this one. The cockpit is complete as well as the two fuselage sections. I need to get the wings ready to install before I can get the two fuselage halves together.
I’m certainly nowhere near my normal pace but given the circumstances, I think I am finding my groove.


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