I’m Losing This Race

I’m experiencing another lull in the modeling universe. Life has a great way of controlling your free time. As a lot of you have experienced, I am in the process of selling my home. That means that my normal building time is diverted to meticulous upkeep on the house. The reward will be well worth it, but I just want to get a little time at the workbench.
I can’t say that I have travelled too much further than my last post. I managed to do a group sanding session with all three kits’ ordinance. Today I was able to get the basics painted. Unfortunately, that’s all I can report on my progress. My goal is to spend some time tonight with the cockpits and maybe get them close to complete.


19 thoughts on “I’m Losing This Race

  1. It took us over a year and four estate agents. Don’t use Haart! Do watch the estate agents like a hawk as they can send particulary clueless people round to sell the house.
    We finally moved and now waiting to find the right place so I can have my “Mancave” and my Wife her sewing workshop.


  2. Hi, thanks for liking my last blogpost. That brought me here! I’m always so curious to discover the passions of people, and voilà: an airplane builder! This is awsome. Even the little bombs look nice;) greetings from Paris


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