Sepecat Jaguar GR.1

As I stated before, this build was long awaited. Italeri produced an adequate Jaguar. Great fitting pieces, along with good detail and a nice array of ordinance, highlight this kit. The only minor issue was with the seams on both air intakes. Nothing that a little filling and sanding can’t take care of.
When it came time to paint this kit, I had a little bit of a hard time getting the correct color. I was getting a lot of scattered references and information as to which one to use. I was able to find a mix chart to make it myself. So that’s the route I took. Even the chart wasn’t true to form. It was a good start, though.
I am completely unsure of the exact formula that I used. What I do know is that I used Model Masters Sand as the main color. I mixed in Humbrol Gloss Pink and the color was still too light for my eye. I grabbed Model Masters Dark Tan to darken it up a little and I finally came to a close enough color to use. I’m never too thrilled about mixing paints. Luckily this one turned out as a success story.





18 thoughts on “Sepecat Jaguar GR.1

  1. SWEEET! Thats a beautiful build. Just a heads up, on Friday I’m posting a couple of P-51 Mustangs with some great detail shots of a P-51H named “Louisiana Heat Wave” if you like the shots and would like a set for reference material let me know, I don’t know if you have ever freehand nose art but its a neat plane..:-)


    • Thank you! I can always use reference photos. I have done one plane with my own nose art. I painted my wife’s name on the nose of a B-17G. It’s hard to get detailed in my scale so decals are usually the best route.


      • Can you design and print your own decals? Its been 35 years since I built a model, I was into the Tamiya Armor kits.


      • Yes. They make decal paper that you can print out what you need. I’ve used it a few times and it turned out pretty nice. The better your printer, the better your decals will be.


      • Cool I was thinking you could do the P-51H, when you see the post on Friday feel free to save the pics and if you need a better image let me know. Also the 66th PS redtail “Derailer is pretty cool too. 🙂


      • Thanks. You are the first to request a build. I may have to accommodate. I’m not sure if I have an “H” version though. I’ll have to research it and maybe I can turn a “D” into an “H” model.


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