Saab J35J Draken “Swedish Special”

The Draken is complete and displayed. The paint scheme was a stretch for me to accept, but I’m happy that I did. I contemplated more than a few times about giving it a military scheme. In an effort to broaden my collection, I went with the blue color scheme.
Construction went as expected from Hasegawa. The kit pieces were great fitting with little fiddling work whatsoever. The decals were the only downfall of this kit. They were on the frail side causing a few unwanted tears. A little patience and some decal set provided a good fix.
I chose not to weather this kit. It more than likely never saw any hard duty in this scheme so I left it alone.
Overall a great kit. The next Draken I build will definitely be in its military colors.





4 thoughts on “Saab J35J Draken “Swedish Special”

  1. Nice model! Where did you find that paintscheme? I know the swedish airforce sometimes repaint planes on special occasions, but I’m very doubtful that there has ever been a scull on a military aircraft, but I could be wrong. Looks cool on the model though.


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