A New Start

Successfully, I have kept my pace from the weekend and continued my progress tonight. I was able to get the final color on the Avenger. Also, I airbrushed the Zero’s yellow waist band and applied the decals. Both Builds should be done in the next couple of days.
While those kits sat idle for dry time, I went ahead and started a new build. I actually could have come close to finishing it tonight. My next two builds are both drones. I began Skunk Models MQ-9 Reaper tonight to get a head start. I never expected to get as far as I did. This is my first attempt with Skunk Models. So far so good. The kit looks well detailed but the plastic is a bit on the soft side. It’s a minor issue that I can get over. The Reaper should be complete within a few days.
The other drone I’ll be building is Platz’s X-47B. Upon review, it looks like a simple build. I think (hope) this one will be the same as the Reaper.



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