T-6G Texan

Talk about a great build. Kits like this one are the reason I keep a full inventory of Academy models. The only downfall of this kit was the canopy. They provide a three piece canopy leading you to believe that you can easily build it opened up. That isn’t the case. The middle canopy is not thin enough to fit properly over the back piece. This leads to two options. Close it up and hide your hard work inside the cockpit, or make do like I did. I used a nontraditional method and crammed it on as far down as it would go without breaking it. It’s not accurate, but it’ll do. Other than that, thumbs up. Nothing special was done for this kit. It was a straight from the box build to give myself something to do while I procrastinated on the Fulcrum and Stuka kits.





8 thoughts on “T-6G Texan

  1. Excellent model and detail, I have pics of the Canadian version on my blog as well as the Avenger. I got the Avenger pics from the Yorktown in Charleston S.C.. In July I hope to get to the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio, tons of warbirds there to photograph.. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the likes 🙂 Taking in your blog, I admire your commitment to building these. This T-6G Texan caught my eye in your side menu — I love the colors and the details. I served on the USS Constellation in the Navy and became really fascinated with the whole process in launching jets. Very cool stuff.


    • Thank you! Very cool job you had there. My cousin served on the USS Nimitz. I’m not too sure if I could do what you guys did. I’d be ok on deck or in the hangar bay! It is amazing how they can launch aircraft at such a fast rate of speed. Aircraft carriers in general are an amazing feat.

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