Ju-87 D-5 Stuka

Success! The Stuka build has finally come to a much awaited finish. Given the perfect setting, this kit could be built in a few days. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for me. The long build time is just a part of life and the hobby. Some builds are easier to find the time to do than others.
There really isn’t too much more to say that I haven’t already said. I enjoyed this kit quite a bit. Italeri put out a fantastic kit. The paint scheme was a new step to try for me. The fear of painting over a perfectly good paint job wasn’t easy to overcome. I wanted, so badly, not to forego the winter scheme and safely finish the kit. The risk was great, but the reward was greater. I took my time at the airbrush spraying the white on in thin layers. I slowly built up the paint in different areas to show the inconsistency of the field application. The end result s a great looking paint job. Stepping out of my comfort zone gave me the confidence to try some more unique paint schemes in the future.





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