Lightning F Mk.6

I have had Hasegawa’s Lightning finished for a few days now. With the MiG-29 and the Stuka taking my time, I haven’t gotten around to posting my results. I must admit that I started a new kit as well.
For being a Hasegawa kit, I was left disappointed with the detail. My usual complaint is inadequate cockpit details. This kit, unfortunately, lacked in the cockpit as well as obvious details. There was zero effort to open up the air intake or provide any engines. Both the bow and aft ends of the fuselage are closed off. I painted them flat black to hopefully hide the disappointment. Other than those issues, assembly went wonderfully. The wings had some gap issues but what kit doesn’t? The external fuel tanks on top of the wings was a hard rule to follow. It doesn’t seem realistic compared to the majority of airplanes but I went with it and I’m happy with the end result.
The new kit that I have started is Academy’s 1/72 scale T-6G Texan. I’ve been pretty diligent the past few nights getting a good start. To my delight, the cockpit has wonderful detail. The cockpit is complete and installed. I was able to adhere both fuselage halves together last night. Hopefully I can get some sanding and priming done tonight. My goal is to have this kit, the Stuka, and the MiG-29 done by next week. High hopes, I know.





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