Digital Camouflage, Part 1

With all my procrastination used up, I’ve sucked it up and began the tedious masking and cutting process for the digital camouflage scheme. The procedure itself looks harder than it really is. It’s very time consuming and a little confusing with the layout at times, but I think I have the hang of it.
Starting off, I hit the internet for the research photographs. I was lucky enough to get some decent clear shots to work from. The next steps are all hands on. I masked the top surfaces where the camouflage was needed and drew the digital scheme on with a pencil. After that, I used my hobby knife, with a fresh blade, to cut out the camouflage. I’ve noticed that with the middle color, you have to be careful how you mask and cut. Being the middle color, some of the would be edges will be hidden by the top color. It’s a process that needs constant attention.
My hope is to finish masking tonight and get some paint on tomorrow.


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