Slowly but surely, I am adjusting to the new work and building schedules. I was able to recover from my poor performance last week and make some solid strides in both builds.
Hasegawa’s Lightning is a mediocre kit with little detail. The kit has almost zero cockpit detail and boasts raised panel lines. However, it has been a pleasure to put together. My only mishap was when I had a little problem installing the right wing. The cutout on the fuselage was far to narrow to fit the wing root. The root itself was too long to properly fit. It kept hitting the opposite wing leaving a 1/8″ gap. Some heavy sanding did the trick and I was able to move forward. As it sits, all major construction is complete. The underside made it to paint this afternoon with a coat of Testor’s Silver. I’ll try to mask it off tomorrow and get the second of three colors airbrushed.
Fujimi’s MiG-29 has been a solid build so far. My only complaint is that the wings are to weak. I have had this problem before when I built my Su-27. The joint where the wings meet the fuselage is to weak and the slightest bend of the wing causes the filler to crack. Other than that, the rest has been great. I just finished the final sanding this morning and I hope to get the base coat of Model Master’s Fulcrum Gray on tonight or tomorrow. This paint job will take me a little while to complete. I am finally going to try the digital scheme on this kit. I’m a little apprehensive about the attempt, but I guess I can always paint over it.
This weekend also brought a third build into the mix. No, I haven’t learned my lesson from the Lippisch build. I’ll just keep pushing the limits. Thanks to Rich at themodelgallery for the inspiration. He has built a 1/48 scale and a 1/72 scale Stuka. Who doesn’t love the Stuka? I have dug out Italeri’s 1/72 scale Ju-87 D-5 version. That’s about as far as I am on this one. I’ll try to get the parts sorted and ready for some paint tonight.


2 thoughts on “Recovery

    • I’m still having a great time doing it. It’s the getting used to not being able to build when I normally was able to that’s getting to me. I used to do a lot of mini sessions during the week. Now it’s more of a few bigger sessions here and there. It’s still fun though.


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