Problem Child

The difficulty in the Lippisch build mainly stemmed from my inability to keep track of a very important piece and then proceeding to crush the next one. I usually keep all of the intricate parts, finished landing gear, and ordinance in a small container to gaurd them from getting ruined or lost. Unfortunately, I failed to employ this method while building this kit. I figured with the lack of parts, I could keep an easy eye on the whereabouts of them.
Aside from the drama that I created, all went a little better than expected. I have never worked on a PM Models kit before and I was ready for a fight. The fact that it was such a cheap kit (in price, not quality), I was gearing up for a project build. The normal issues came with this build along with a few much needed improvements. I will admit that I had a great time with the Lippisch. Frustration crept in from time to time, but what project doesn’t come with a side of adversity? I am pleased with the result of my work. It’s such an odd little plane and that’s what makes it attractive.
For more on the Lippisch along with other German aircraft, check out this informative link, Thank you to Pierre Lagace at My Forgotten Hobby for this link.




10 thoughts on “Problem Child

  1. Masterpiece!
    I never knew this plane had existed before.
    Not only you are a master modeler, but my master… well sort of…

    I hope your visitors will visit the Luft46 Website and forget My Forgotten Hobby… well at least for a while…


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